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Nassarawa Gov Should Enforce Free Education For Disabled Varsity Students

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The governor of Nassarawa

The Centre for Infrastructural and Technological Advancement for the Blind (CITAB)  has  described as empty the free education offered by the State Governor to disabled students at Nassarawa State University.

This was contained in a press release issued on Wednesday by the group’s Executive Chairman,  Mr Jolomi Fenemigho.

Fenemigho expressed his disappointment with the Nasarawa State Ministry of Education over the non-implementation of Governor Abdullahi Sule’s offer to disabled students in the tertiary institution adding that it is a direct disregard for the State Chief Executive’s directive.

The CITAB boss stated: “State owned institutions are not autonomous and therefore cannot boldly disregard a directive from the Governor that should bring succour to disabled students in the state.”

The CITAB boss further lamented over the attitude of Nasarawa University authorities towards students with disability adding that it is discouraging in a nation that claims to be running an all-inclusive government.

According to him: “All tiers of government in Nigeria have exhibited insensitivity which  has resulted in  neglect for the disabled. This is really appaling and shameful as it contradicts the principle of inclusiveness upon which all civilized societies are built”.

He asked: “For how long does the government want to keep playing the motion without movement card?  For how long will those in the corridors of power leave people with disability to bear the brunt of their incompetence?

The CITAB boss further accused  the Nasarawa’s Governor of failing to establish an agency that would monitor the implementation of the free education policy despite his declaration of the offer to the disabled in the state.

According to him: “A lot of laws and policies are made daily but Nigeria has a notorious history of not implementing legal statutes especially those that involve disabled persons.  Governor Sule should do what is necessary by establishing an agency that would oversee the implementation of the free education policy. The progress report on the implementation of the policy ought to be given to the governor directly.”

The CITAB boss explained that some of the governors are unaware of the non-implementation of  their directives and until something is done to rectify this problem, the disabled students at Nasarawa State University will lose faith in the government.

Fenemigho urged the Nasarawa Governor to heed the call of the disabled students by refunding the  tuition fees they paid so far and ensure they are provided with required learning devices and materials.

Fenemigho, Jolomi George

Executive Chairman, CITAB


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