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Disabled Group Hails Lagos GOVT for Support

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a close-up of the Lagos state governor stairing forward wearing a suit and tie
Lagos state governor

The Centre for Infrastructural and Technological Advancement for the Blind (CITAB) has hailed the Lagos State Government over its recent financial support to several homes for disabled children in the state.

The Centre further called for the full implementation of the Lagos State Special Peoples Law in order to bring succour to more disabled children in Lagos.

This was contained in a press release issued on Friday by the Executive Chairman of CITAB, Jolomi Fenemigho.

The CITAB boss hailed the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development for making efforts to respond to the clarion call for the total inclusion of the disabled community in the state.

According to Fenemigho: “  In recent times, the state government has been taking the right steps by doing what is necessary for people living with disabilities in the ‘centre of excellence.’ “

According to the CITAB boss: “Disabled children can benefit from the free education and free health-care which the Lagos State Special Peoples  law provides.”

He expressed regret that since 2011 when the bill was passed by the State House of Assembly and signed into law by the Governor Babatunde Fashola,  it is yet to be fully implemented by the state government.

According to Fenemigho: “As a result of this situation, many disabled children have been deprived quality health care and basic education in Lagos State.”

The CITAB boss further emphasized the need for all disabled children to be taught in a conducive and accessible environment with specialized instructors.

Said he: “Training of a disabled child is quite different from the training  of a normal child as the disabled pupil requires an accessible environment with the necessary assistive technology alongside qualified teachers to aid his academic progress”.

The CITAB boss called on the beneficiaries of the Government’s financial support to make judicious use of such funds adding that any of these organizations which deviates from accountability should be prosecuted.

According to him: “Funds earmarked for the welfare and provision of facilities for the disabled are often embezzled by some unscrupulous individuals. This explains why only dilapidated facilities could be found in many of these homes. These are fall-outs of the culture  of corruption which has eaten deep into our social fabric.”

Fenemigho, Jolomi George

Executive Chairman, CITAB


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