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LAUTECH Student, Seyi Ojelabi Develops Technology For The Visually Impaired

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Seyi Ojelabi and some visually impaired students behind him
Seyi Ojelabi

Seyi Ojelabi aka SHYNE is a 300L student of LAUTECH, department of computer science and engineering has developed a technology named “See-Tok” for the visually impaired to make them inclusive and help them live a happier life.

The technology is able to detect any obstacles, hindrance that comes the way of the visually impaired via click, beeps, vibration and a tactile feedback voice, for the visually impaired to easily navigate. He is currently working on the advance version of the technology that could be able to detect currency, potholes, colours etc to give the visually impaired important support they will ever need in there lifetime.

He got inspired to develop the “See-Tok” technological device because of the challenge faced by his visually-impaired little cousin who depended on others to navigate her environment. The “See-Tok” has helped her to enjoy a level of independence and now she can perform basic tasks independently and confidently.

Seyi believes he can replicate this for thousands and maybe millions of other visually impaired individuals out there.

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