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XBOX Series X Tactile Indicators Adds More Accessibility For Visually Impaired Gamers

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the logo of the xBox gaming console

Game company Microsoft has revealed that it has added a certain feature on the Xbox Series X hardware that will assist players who are visually impaired and for those who want to attach cables from behind without looking at them.
According to Microsoft Devices Inclusive Lead Bryce Johnson, the next-gen Xbox console system has tactile indicators. It allows visually impaired players to easily notice the different ports of the console. This is also helpful for those who want to attach the cables behind the system when arranging them on certain locations without looking. It offers an accessible approach for the next generation.
Inclusive design tidbit. E suggested we put tactile indicators (for the blind) over the ports of the Xbox Series X, also helps for reach-around cabling. KaitlynJones_ worked with the design team and our community. It’s not a complete solution but we’ll see how it does & learn.
Back of the Xbox Series X showing the ports with tactile indicators (dots or lines) over each port to give you a way to tell what they are.

Program Manager Kaitlyn Jones worked with Xbox Gaming Accessibility Team explains more details about this particular design. It is supposed to let players feel a distinct bump patter for each port type. This allows them to distinguish which ones is the power, HDMI, USB cable, or any other port represented. This is a good step towards good accessibility for any gamer who owns a console.
Microsoft sent non-functional design prototypes to big tech YouTubers as a part of their market strategy. These YouTubers uploaded detailed design reviews of the console.
In these reviews, one can see that Microsoft has placed tactile markers on the backside of their consoles. They have placed these markers along with the ports available in the console. All the ports such as USBs, storage expansion, HDMI, ethernet, etc., have different markers for identification.
The markers will make it easier for visually impaired users to identify the ports.
Xbox Series X/S will launch on Nov. 10.


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