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CITAB is a coalition of groups of persons with blindness who are committed to social inclusion and integration across Nigeria. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian and non-profit organization.

CITAB sets for itself the tasks of promoting inclusiveness and empowerment of the blind through provision of access to technology and infrastructure. We are also committed to using any available lawful means to orientate the general public on the benefits of an inclusive society by proffering novel suggestions and ideas. The decision to embark on this journey was taken in 2018 in view of the need to comprehensively respond to the social segregation hampering all facets of the lives of visually impaired persons in Nigeria.

We decided to do this on behalf of thousands of hapless visually impaired Nigerians who have by no choice of theirs become potential victims of the social exclusion arising from their natural handicap. This social exclusion remains a source of torment to visually impaired people in Nigeria. We have to address it with a view to resolving it because it is a negation of the human rights of a segment of the Nigerian population who are entitled to the protection provided by the constitution. Our conviction is strengthened by the fact that we have no other country to call our own apart from Nigeria.

Our promotion and pursuit of inclusiveness is hinged on our belief that it will facilitate cooperation between the public and private sectors while also creating a new window of opportunity for visually impaired persons living in Nigeria. As an organization with a background of activism, we will always challenge infrastructural and technological injustice against persons living with visual impairment.

Our dedication has been inspired by the support of people living with disability in response to the protracted and deliberate social relegation they have suffered in different parts of the country.


CITAB’S mission is to advocate for an inclusive society through the development of infrastructures and the use and promotion of technology and its features for persons living with visual impairment in Nigeria.


Citab’s vision is to achieve total technological and infrastructural inclusion in the lives of the blind and visually impaired persons in Nigeria.

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